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October 21, 2020

Sponsor Some Holiday Cheer

During this year of global pandemic, we all need the comfort of something familiar. So while we’re still closed to the public for live performances, we’re working in partnership with the City of Olympia to bring some much-needed cheer downtown for the holidays.

With your help, we will make it snow outside the Washington Center — but without the ice! It’s easy and very affordable. For just $150, you can co-sponsor a day of snowfall. When you sponsor a snowfall, you underwrite the magic, and we create the special effects.

Sponsoring a snowfall also brings benefits. We’ll recognize you or your business through social media and print recognition. And most important, you’re also helping sustain the Washington Center during this time of unparalleled challenge for the non-profit arts and events industry.

I hope you’ll join me and sponsor a snowfall. Let’s give our community some joy this holiday season.


Jill Barnes
Executive Director

Posted in: Development , Press Release
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