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November 3, 2016

Ben Folds and a Piano performance review

The Ben Folds concert was a great show in every conceivable way. His music was excellent, of course, and unlike some bands, he played a sizable amount of his songs during the three hours he had on stage. Folds also took audience participation seriously, teaching and leading background vocals during his songs, which was incredibly moving. During intermission he had everyone write down a song request on a piece of paper, fold it into a paper airplane, and upon resumption of the show, had every person throw them from their seats onto the stage. He proceeded from there to play a bunch of requests, and even came on for an encore, using a couple more, after he finished the show. When he explains his music and the logic behind it between some songs, what results is a combo of the creative process and an uproarious standup routine. All in all, Ben Folds put on a wonderful mixture of piano playing and singing, blending in his own quirky, yet hilarious sense of humor.

-Alex Johnson

Posted in: Young Arts Ambassadors
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