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November 22, 2016

Capitol Steps Performance Review

I’m not even voting in this upcoming election, and I’m still stressed out about it. Capitol Steps, a political satire, was the perfect way to laugh and relax to make up for that. The impressions were spot-on, especially Sarah Palin, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton: a perfect balance of believable and exaggerated. The musical covers were clever, parodying songs like “Stop! In the Name of Love,” (Stop! And just Pick a Judge), “Shut Up and Dance with Me,” (Shut Up and Vote for Me), and “76 Trombones” (76 Unknowns).

To be able to laugh along with other people in the theater at people imitating Trump and Bernie Sanders was a much-needed release. In those moments, it didn’t matter who the person next to you was supporting, because everyone was being mocked. And as election season dawns, It’s nice to remember that even in the darkest of times, we can still laugh.

-Maggie Neatherlin

Posted in: Young Arts Ambassadors
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