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February 14, 2016


Molly Quinn, 15-16 Young Arts Ambassador

The first act was loaded with a lot of lights that were very distracting. Arielle and I agreed that we were more interested in the lights than the actual show. To be completely honest, I was ready to leave at half time. We decided to stay, which was a good idea. The second act was way better. They had a dancing competition between the Irish dancers that compelled me to watch on & invited me in. I loved their friendly competition and it made me laugh. They sang “Danny Boy” which is my favorite Irish song beautifully. They got the crowd involved and up on their feet, and I couldn’t help but smile. However, the first act felt like a middle school production. I wasn’t interested, at all. But they turned it around in the second act, which was great and enjoyable. Overall a 6/10 rating. Personally, I wouldn’t go see it again. But the talent was flawless, the girl singers were beautiful and talented. The men were too. Yet, the lacked something. The music needed more depth. I just wasn’t feeling it. The energy wasn’t there. I am a big fan of Celtic music because I come from a Celtic background, and I didn’t feel the music. The energy wasn’t there. To conclude, the show wasn’t as energized and amazing as I thought it was going to be, but the second act made up a little bit for it.

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