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May 19, 2015


Michael Hart, 14-15 Young Arts Ambassador

What a finale! As the last show to appear on the Washington Center’s stage this season, it got everyone excited: cheering for their favorite contestant. All of the excitement pouring from the audience made it easy to see that the crowd was super involved and connected to the action happening onstage. Each new dance held a silent patience to see if it would trump the last and whether the judges would like it too, bringing tense anticipation to the audience as they saw the dances evolve onstage.

Although each team only spent a week learning a dance, each pair danced seamlessly as if they had been dancing together forever. Whether the step was simple or complex, the dancers showed no hesitation and always smiled as they impressed the crowd and judges. Their heartfelt dancing and cheery attitudes led everyone to enjoy themselves and get involved in the voting process. With such a close competition, there was only a difference of 4 votes between the winner and second place!

The blend of different dancing styles in this competition gave everyone something to enjoy whether they like the classic waltz or the groovy disco. All of the teamwork in the dancing and in the audience created the perfect conclusion to a great season. The audience got to see members of the community that they may or may not have known, but as of now, they won’t forget any contestant after they danced with such passionate gusto.

It’s sad to see the end of a season, but I’m excited to see what new shows next year will hold!

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