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April 7, 2015


Sophie Jenkinson, 14-15 Young Arts Ambassador

Out of all the possible adjectives I could use to describe this performance, the one that best sums it up is PERFECTION! Explosive dancers, beautiful technique, unique lighting, this was honestly my favorite performance I’ve attended this year. As a dancer, there is just nothing like seeing a live performance like this!

This show was split into two acts, with a 15 minute intermission in between which was great because you had time to rave about how amazing it all was before you got exhausted. There were some middle eastern elements in this which were absolutely gorgeous, and the choreographer was from isreal which I thought was fascinating. Other interesting aspects include vocals ( hey micah! *SMACK* ) , an unusual modern technique that involved response to movement of touch, and extremely quick costume changes. If this company ever comes back to Olympia I highly reccomend seeing it!

I  had the oppurtunity to take a class with two of the company, and they were simply to amazing and kind. Being up close to the dancers reminds you that they are human too, and leave you feeling inspired. Watch out for Koresh Dance Company!

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