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April 2, 2015


Michael Hart, 14-15 Young Arts Ambassador

Recycled Percussion had an amazing show on March 22 that was very lively and exciting. The show was divided into many little segments that each were new and meant that each performer could show off their talents. Many of the segments involved a lot of audience interaction, giving the show a very dynamic and unique ambience.

There were many things that were dependent on customer interaction, and because of this, the show felt unique and genuine. The themed segments that guided the show were each quite different from the ones that came before, giving the show a fantastic variety.

All in all, this show was a concert since it incorporated great music to most of the segments, but I feel that this show was more like a zany, musical, sporting event. The performance was very interesting and exciting, while in most of the sections Percussion designed teams and encouraged wild support of whichever team is your favorite. This show was fantastic, a very unique experience from what usually comes to the center, and I am so glad that Recycled Percussion chose to stray from their home in Las Vegas to come here.

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