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January 2, 2020

The Washington  Center Presents DAN + CLAUDIA ZANES!

Photo credit Anna Zanes

GRAMMY Award winning children’s performer Dan Zanes and Haitian-American jazz vocalist Claudia Zanes perform Dan’s greatest hits as well as folk and blues classics from their popular new songbook, Dan Zanes’ House Party! A Family Roots Music Treasury. This sensory-friendly performance is “relaxed,” creating a comfortable and highly entertaining environment for families and audience members with a wide range of needs.

The following is an excerpt from Dan + Claudia Zanes’ website.

Since our very first Dan + Claudia Zanes concert at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music in October 2016, we’ve been working with presenters to make our shows sensory friendly whenever possible (which has been most of the time).

What makes a show sensory friendly are conditions that make the concert experience comfortable for more people.  It’s a way of opening the door wider and inviting a broader range of communities to the party.

In theatrical performances, sensory friendly means a designated show that is specifically for people with autism. Some performing arts centers call these performances “relaxed” and invites anyone who wants a relaxed environment to experience the art.

However, when we say sensory friendly we’re indicating that all are welcome. Our goal is to create an environment that’s as inclusive and accessible to everyone. The audience that has always felt comfortable and welcome at our shows is invited as well as people with diverse sensory needs.

We’ve heard over and over from parents of children with disabilities that their child’s responses in public spaces can lead to uncomfortable situations in which they feel judged or unwelcomed. Sensory Friendly performances are a way of saying “come as you are, we’re all in this together.” We’ve seen firsthand how moving it can be when families who might not generally mix are able to enjoy music together. Once we experienced this there was no turning back!


Tickets are on-sale now!

DATE: Sunday January 12

TIME: 2:00 pm

VENUE: Washington Center Main Stage
512 Washington St. SE

COST: Tickets: $11 $14 $16 $21

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