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February 1, 2021

What We’re Listening To: Carrie Swindler, Business Manager

During stressful times I rely on dark humor to get me through. After months of pandemic quarantine living, I was feeling isolated and yearning to hear the voices of other people. My daughter turned me on to a dark comedy/murder podcast called “My Favorite Murder.” The hosts, Karen and Georgia, are two self-described “murderinos” who retell famous and not-so-famous crime stories laced with plenty of swearing and a good dose of humor.
You may think comedy and murder don’t go together, and for some that would be true. For me, it has helped me realize that no matter how difficult and challenging this time of virus and illness is for us, we can always find something to laugh about. One of their taglines is “this is terrible…keep going!” The show taps into that aspect of our nature that allows us to simultaneously be horrified by a situation while appreciating that our life isn’t so bad after all, and laughter can be the best healing salve for our soul. So as the Karen and Georgia say, stay sexy and don’t get murdered!

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